Holidays 2012
Holidays 2012 Changes

I am starting to make major changes to Holidays 2012 as I strive to keep up with the big boys with big pockets. One way of doing this is to re-write content; this is being done as I speak and it will be added over the next few days.

I have also looked at other places like this 2012 Holidays site and have added a little content to a blog I was starting there; I have though decided to discard that as it is not as good as this site for getting your message across.

Back to changes for the Holidays 2012 site; I want to add some 15,000 hotels to the site but this will take time; I guess if I do 5 day it will take 12 years which is too long for a 2012 site but I will still add some.

Anyway I will update on here when further 2012 holidays changes are made!

Holidays 2012 Drops

Due to lack of work on the site, Holidays 2012 has dropped for it’s main term Holidays 2012! One reason could be because I have failed to use this blog to its full potential. I will though now fix that and make sure I post updates every week.

Turkey Holidays 2012

One of the most populasr destinations for UK holiday makers is Turkey so I have now added a bespoke Turkey Holidays 2012 section to the site.

Turkey Holidays 2012 will know doubt be one of the majopr search terms next year so it is worth starting posting for the term now!

Holidays 2012

Although we are still in 2011 it is worth bearing in mind that many people will be searching for holidays in 2012 already and as such I have started a new section on Holidays to reflect this.

Holidays 2012 will look at all aspects for the holidays seasons of 2012 and will be working with some of the top names in Holidays to find the perfect one for people.

Changes to Cheap Holidays 2012 & 2013

I have made changes to Cheap Holidays and am now attacking cheap holidays 2012 & 2013 instead of cheap holidays 2011 & cheap holidays 2014.

The reason is simple; I have missed holidays in 2011 and have plenty of time to attack 2014; so I am only making changes to attack Cheap holidays 2012 & 2013.

Holidays 2011 2012 2013 2014

I have started work on Holidays a new website designed for finding Holidays in 2011 2012 2013 2014, this website is new, like most of mine however it is being built at a rate of 5 pages a day, so I guess we can forget about holidays 2011, holidays 2012, holidays 2013 and look forward to holidays 2014 instead!

Greece Holidays 2012

I have updated Holidays 2012 with some of the Greece Holidays 2012 destinations such as Crete holidays 2012 and Corfu holidays 2012.

Holidays 2012 Blog

Welcome to my new Holidays 2012 blog which will be around for the next year or two to help you find Holidays in 2012. The site is still under a few raps but will be built over the next to become a great resource for finding holidays in 2012.